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Contest ran 9 December 202115 December 2021

6 day contest

Perennial Finance contest

In perpetuity.

$50,000 USDC

Total Awards

Perennial contest details

Perennial Overview

Perennial is a new cash-settled perpetual synthetics protocol. It allows developers to launch any synthetic market with just a few lines of code.

Perennial creates two-party markets where takers receive exposure to a defined payoff, while makers take the opposing side of the trade while also providing liquidity. P&L is determined directly via oracle price with zero slippage, with settlement lag introduced to counter game-ability. Maker-taker utilization is balanced using a floating funding rate.

Full documentation

Documentation on the Perennial protocol architecture and mechanism can be found on our Gitbook.


See the protocol folder and README for details on running and testing Perennial.

Contracts In Scope

Contract LoC
/collateral/Collateral.sol 109
/collateral/types/OptimisticLedger.sol 36
/factory/Factory.sol 123
/factory/UFactoryProvider.sol 49
/incentivizer/Incentivizer.sol 190
/incentivizer/types/Program.sol 67
/incentivizer/types/ProgramInfo.sol 49
/oracle/ChainlinkOracle.sol 46
/product/Product.sol 194
/product/ProductProviderBase.sol 22
/product/types/ProductProvider.sol 16
/product/types/accumulator/AccountAccumulator.sol 22
/product/types/accumulator/Accumulator.sol 21
/product/types/accumulator/VersionedAccumulator.sol 86
/product/types/position/AccountPosition.sol 43
/product/types/position/Position.sol 53
/product/types/position/PrePosition.sol 75
/product/types/position/VersionedPosition.sol 21
/utils/types/Fixed18.sol 81
/utils/types/Token18.sol 72
/utils/types/UFixed18.sol 67
/utils/unstructured/UOwnable.sol 36
/utils/unstructured/UReentrancyGuard.sol 28
Total 1506

Most contracts use the latest version of the standard Open Zeppelin libraries.

Out Of Scope Contracts

These contracts may be useful for context, but are explicitly out of scope for the contest:

  • /examples/*.sol
  • /interfaces/*.sol
  • /utils/mocks/*.sol

External Dependencies

Chainlink Oracles

Perennial currently uses Chainlink oracles for the underlying product price feeds.

The main entry point for these is ChainlinkOracle.sol which normalizes the feeds into the Perennial IOracle format.

One ChainlinkOracle is deployed per feed, but multiple Perennial products can use the same underlying ChainlinkOracle.

(Trusted) ERC20 Stablecoin

A single trusted ERC20 stablecoin will be used as collateral for the system.

Primary Risks

Loss or misattribution of collateral

Lost or stolen collateral is the largest risk for the Perennial protocol.

  • One product gaining access to another's collateral
    • Products should have segregated collateral account, one product being insolvent should not affect another.
  • Collateral being able to be stolen globally by a bug.
  • Contracts: Product, Collateral, and their libraries (especially OptimisticLedger, and settlement flows).

Loss or misattribution of incentive rewards

Not as mission-critical at launch, but lost or stolen incentive rewards would be similarly high-risk.

  • One program gaining access to another's rewards
  • Rewards being able to be stolen globally by a bug.
  • Contracts: Product, Incentivizer, and their libraries (especially settlement flows).

Misc. erroneous accounting

  • P&L wrongly accounted for
  • Liquidation triggered incorrectly
  • Fee charged incorrectly
  • Issues with reading the oracle


  • qlo#3347 or kbrizzle#5338 on discord from the Perennial team.
  • Website
  • Twitter