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"Code4rena is a terrific way to quickly get a lot of talented eyes on your smart contract code, and to receive valuable feedback from security researchers. C4 is neither a traditional “audit”, nor a bug bounty, but rather occupies a unique niche, making it a valuable addition to the smart contract security toolbox."

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"There are many facets to correct and secure code: incentive design, bug-free code, knowledge of protocols, ERC standards, mathematics and more. Every protocol is different. Code4rena fosters an open security community whose broad skillset can fit the needs of any audit. It's the best value in smart contract security."

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Co-founder of PoolTogether
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"With C4, it’s like an order of magnitude improvement over other ways of doing audits. The number of bugs, the degree to which I was convinced people had looked into the code and found everything to be found, was much higher due to the engagement, the variety of things reported, and the incentive mechanism."

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Code4rena Sponsor
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"One of the things I enjoy most about competing on @code4rena is getting to read lots of code and see new techniques in the wild."

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Code4rena Warden
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"After grinding for 14 months I finally reached my goal of being the first to cross 1M$ on the @code4rena leaderboard. Thanks to everyone involved, this has been very fun, lucrative, and I learned a lot by seeing other wardens' vulnerabilities that I missed."

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Code4rena Warden
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"We greatly enjoyed our @code4rena experience - here's why it is the best value in auditing: quick spin-up time, flexible bounty awards, open nature means more eyes on your code, by our count ~10x more vs traditional audit shops, helpful community of wardens and judges"

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Co-founder of Rubicon
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"Just went through the latest @code4rena audit report of the @blur_io exchange. This report is a great example of why audits are so important - wardens were able to discover a high risk exploit that would've allowed sellers to steal funds from buyers."

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Code4rena Warden
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"These @code4rena payouts are ridiculous. I'm tempted to drop everything and tunnel vision that"

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Code4rena Warden
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"C4 wardens > any single audit shop IMO"

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Co-founder of Rubicon
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"Thank you to all of the wardens who have been working on our code base. So many great questions and so many many of them. I hope you'll all come try it out when we're live and critique the user experience from top to bottom. 10/10 would work with y'all again."

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"Our experience with Code4rena has been great. After a very short lead time and smooth onboarding, many experienced security researchers analyzed our code in depth and provided valuable feedback. In addition to security-related findings, we also received useful optimization suggestions."

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Code4rena Sponsor
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"I think @code4rena is a 10x improvement on smart contract audits. They're timely, have transparent pricing and source a lot of great developer attention."

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