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Top auditors compete to keep high severity bugs out of production. Start a public or private audit within 48 hours.


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Leading crypto projects choose Code4rena.

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One of the things I enjoy most about competing on @code4rena is getting to read lots of code and see new techniques in the wild.


We greatly enjoyed our @code4rena experience - here's why it is the best value in auditing: quick spin-up time, flexible bounty awards, open nature means more eyes on your code, by our count ~10x more vs traditional audit shops, helpful community of wardens and judges


After grinding for 14 months I finally reached my goal of being the first to cross 1M$ on the @code4rena leaderboard. Thanks to everyone involved, this has been very fun, lucrative, and I learned a lot by seeing other wardens' vulnerabilities that I missed.


Just went through the latest @code4rena audit report of the @blur_io exchange. This report is a great example of why audits are so important - wardens were able to discover a high risk exploit that would've allowed sellers to steal funds from buyers.


These @code4rena payouts are ridiculous. I'm tempted to drop everything and tunnel vision that


C4 wardens > any single audit shop IMO


Thank you to all of the wardens who have been working on our code base. So many great questions and so many many of them. I hope you'll all come try it out when we're live and critique the user experience from top to bottom. 10/10 would work with y'all again.


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