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Code4rena x Polkadot Assurance Legion team up to secure the Polkadot ecosystem

Code4rena community, say hello to Polkadot! There are multiple auditing opportunities incoming, so you’d better get ready. Let’s get into it.

The Polkadot Assurance Legion (PAL) is on a mission to make the Polkadot ecosystem safer and more attractive to builders by covering a portion of the costs for Rust audits of selected parachains.

When C4 and PAL started chatting, we realized that we could team up not just to make security more accessible to the Polkadot ecosystem, but more comprehensive as well.

So, what does the C4 x PAL partnership look like? Starting February 2nd, 2024, PAL has coordinated a bunch of projects on Polkadot to start audits on Code4rena. These are:

  • HydraDX: Starting February 2nd, with a $100,500 prize pool
  • Phala: Starting March 1st, with a $60,500 prize pool
  • Acala: Starting March 22nd, with a $52,000 prize pool

The web3 community knows by now that audits are crucial for identifying vulnerabilities before they go live and can be exploited by bad actors. Wardens know that Code4rena’s gamified system makes even more rigorous evaluations possible, as auditors work creatively to find as many rare, high-risk vulnerabilities as they can. With that in mind, PAL chose to subsidize all of these audits through Code4rena, to establish these best-in-class security practices throughout the Polkadot ecosystem.

If you’re ready to start helping secure Polkadot (and earn rewards for doing so!), visit this page to stay across the upcoming audits.

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