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Code4rena x QuillAcademy: Leveling up as an auditor

We spoke to QuillAcademy about their thoughts on leveling up as an auditor, how to participate in their upcoming CTF competition, and more.

Can you share some insights into the evolving role of auditors and how they are adapting to the changing landscape of technology and security?

Definitely, in this ever-evolving space, we are seeing more and more attacks every day. We believe that smart contract auditors are a key line of defense to maintain the integrity of space.

They say that a hacker needs to be right only once, and the auditor needs to be right every time. With each day passing, we are seeing more and more novel attack vectors in the space, so it is essential for any auditor out there to be well aware of what is happening in the security landscape.

We at QuillAcademy are involved in educating the community, including developers, project teams, and the broader web3 userbase. We aim to share insights, best practices, and security awareness to help prevent breaches.

What are some effective strategies auditors employ to keep their skills up-to-date and relevant in the face of constant technological advancements?

The security space is a space of constant learning. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, you need to strive to learn to stay up to date.

The best way to keep your skills honed is to:

  • Study ongoing hacks in great detail
  • Pick a niche in security and double down on it to make it your strength
  • Give back to the community by educating others

Why do you think auditors should actively participate in CTF competitions as a means of upskilling?

A CTF is like a challenge for an auditor to test their skill level and exercise that ‘hacker muscle’. You can see the grandeur in Web2 space related to CTF challenges, and web3 needs to adopt this same mentality.

We believe that organizing CTF challenges at a larger scale will not only help auditors develop a critical thinking mode, but also enable teamwork among peers.

What unique skills can auditors develop through CTF competitions that might be challenging to acquire through traditional training methods?

CTFs provide a hands-on learning experience. Instead of passively absorbing information, participants actively apply their knowledge to solve real-world security problems.

Many CTFs are team-based, promoting collaboration and teamwork. In cybersecurity, working well in a team is essential, as security professionals often need to coordinate efforts to protect systems and respond to threats effectively. They also encourage the sharing of knowledge, collaboration, and mentorship, helping to create a stronger and more supportive cybersecurity community. CTFs are usually timed challenges, which simulate the pressure and urgency faced in real security incidents.

QuillAcademy has an upcoming CTF competition; how can aspiring auditors participate in this?

Head on over to to register yourself (working in a team is recommended).

How do the skills acquired through participating in CTF competitions directly translate into earning opportunities for auditors in real audit competitions organized by platforms like C4?

C4 incentivizes rewards based on the basis of the rarity of the bug. Participating in CTF competitions can help you think uniquely about approaching vulnerabilities in codebases. Your critical thinking increases as you continue to work in real-world scenarios, and CTFs are a great way to reach that point in your journey.

What does the process of joining Code4rena look like?

Jump into our Discord and get started! From there, you’ll need to register as a Warden, then say hi in our #i-want-to-be-a-warden Discord channel.

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