Code4rena Blue

Bug Bounties with Blue Teams

Dedicated defense. Competitive bounties. Independent judging.


More than just bug bounties

Code4rena Blue solves the shortcomings of traditional bug bounties with a dedicated team, uninterrupted coverage and impartially judged results. Your retained blue team acts like an in-house defense – validating bug reports, providing ongoing advisory, and hunting catastrophic vulnerabilities – so your devs can focus on building.


What you get with Code4rena Blue:

Retained blue team

  • A team of security experts assigned to your code
  • External bug validation / invalidation removes burden from your developers
  • Incentivized to provide ongoing emergent threat vigilance

Continuous bounty coverage

  • Open to hunters beyond your blue team for constant coverage
  • Transparent pricing for bounties fits projects of any budget
  • Binding, impartial rulings on severity by third party Judges

Code4rena Judges x bug bounties

Unlike traditional bug bounties, which often put project devs into a combative relationship with bug hunters, we use expert Code4rena Judges to make independent rulings on bug severity. These judges get paid regardless of ruling – and the rulings are binding to limit the inherent biases of all parties from interfering with an objectively fair result.