The Champions League of auditing.

Bringing together the best minds in security.

Cost-effective security.

Safeguard your project with a Code4rena invitational audit.

Gain access to top-performing Wardens without breaking the bank.

Ensure your project has strong security measures that align with your budget.

Customize your audit's scope, focus, and specifications to maximize value.

Tap into collective security expertise.

Code4rena Wardens specialize in identifying vulnerabilities and addressing the unique security challenges faced by web3 projects. By choosing an Invitational audit with Code4rena, you unlock access to a pool of auditors who have already proven their worth. Together, we’ll work to ensure meticulous coverage and tailored recommendations for your project.

Audit Invitation Letter

Unlock the power of exclusivity.

There are only two ways for Wardens to participate in an Invitational audit. Either a Warden has ranked highly in your project’s initial audit, or they’re among the top of the top on the global leaderboard. Restricting participation to top performers means that you’re getting the best value for money.

Invitational Audit abstract