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It's judgment time.

Join our elite panel of audit Judges and help shape the web3 security space for the better.

Expertise at its best.

Code4rena Judges are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the web3 security industry. Their expertise ensures:

  • Fair evaluation of submissions.
  • Constructive feedback for Wardens.
  • Productive collaboration with Projects

Unwavering impartiality.

Integrity is at Code4rena's core. Code4rena Judges adhere to clear guidelines, ensuring unbiased assessments of Warden findings. They:

  • Assess the logic behind a vulnerability.
  • Verify the vulnerability's validity.
  • Determine the vulnerability's severity

How judging works

  1. 01

    Lookouts review findings and pre-sort them for the project team and judge, by grouping duplicates and closing invalid submissions.

  2. 02

    The Project team weighs in on validity and severity, and adds context where needed.

  3. 03

    Code4rena Judges review findings and assess validity and severity, considering both wardens’ and Project team input.

  4. 04

    Judging decisions are shared with the project team and certified Security Researchers for post-judging QA.

  5. 05

    The judge integrates QA feedback and makes final decisions.

  6. 06

    C4 staff calculate and distribute awards to wardens, lookout, and judge.