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Lookout, there's a vital role in town!

Making web3 audits as efficient as possible.

Streamlining the audit experience.

Lookouts are part of the process-based recipe that ensures Code4rena is providing the most efficient security solution available. After an audit is completed, Lookouts review and organize submissions.

Reducing cognitive load

Once an audit is completed, Lookouts are tasked with de-duping and grouping all unique High and Medium risk findings. They identify and close any invalid submissions, and proceed to highlight the best and highest-priority findings. All of this effort makes it easier for a project's team to identify and address the most pressing issues.

A pre-cursor to judging

Become a part of the judging process by providing context on any relevant issues. This empowers the Judge to review your rationales after also receiving the project team's input, and finalize decisions.

Improve collective perception

By removing the administrative burden for a project's team, audits are seen as a thorough security solution that also reduces the spend of internal resources. With an improved perception comes more projects being open to audits, and the ecosystem as a whole becoming more secure.

Lookout growth

Opportunity for growth.

The Lookout role provides solid preparation for judging. To become a Code4rena Judge, you'll need to sharpen your repertoire in:

  • Assessing submissions
  • Providing context and feedback
  • Collaborating with project teams

The role of Lookout gives you the opportunity to improve in each of these areas. When assessing suitability for new Judges, having demonstrated experience is key.

How being a Lookout works.

  1. 01

    After the completion of an audit, Lookouts review and organize all submissions. This includes de-duping, severity assessment, identification of high-quality findings, and more.

  2. 02

    Lookouts then leave comments directly on issues to provide additional context to both the project team and the Judge.

  3. 03

    A brief summary is then shared with the project team and Judge pointing them to the best and highest-priority submissions.

  4. 04

    As compensation, Lookouts receive a guaranteed payout from each audit (with a bonus available for early completion).