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Scout's honor, audit edition.

Streamlining audits through scoping.

The experts on pre-audit processes.

Code4rena Scouts specialize in scoping and pre-audit intel. They assess the following factors to help determine the optimal parameters for an audit (including length and reward size).

  • Library dependencies
  • External calls
  • Timelocks
  • SLoC

Scout scoping

Comprehensive assessments.

In evaluating the scope of an audit, Code4rena Scouts provide valuable, high-level information to all parties.

    For Wardens:

  • Reporting on the code and the state of the repo can provide useful context for those considering participating.
  • For Projects:

  • Providing feedback to the Project team on the scoping accuracy and repo preparedness helps accelerate the audit launch while maintaining consistency.

How the scouting process works.

  1. 01

    Scouts review the proposed code and repo before an audit has begun.

  2. 02

    Feedback is provided to the Project and Code4rena teams on scoping accuracy and preparedness. Any concerns are flagged, and the Scout can supply technical guidance regarding any necessary adjustments.

  3. 03

    Once the audit begins, the Scout monitors the public code repo to ensure all guidelines are adhered to.

  4. 04

    As compensation, Scouts receive a flat fee of $500 USDC per competition.