Where leadership talent meets opportunity

Empowering leaders to form powerfully effective security teams at scale

The power of security leadership

At Code4rena, we innovated on the traditional audit model to empower "unknowns" to become top auditors. Now, we're doing that for security leadership, too.

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Enter: Code4rena Team Captains

Their mission: delivering high-quality security outcomes by gathering talent to form powerfully effective teams. Their reward: being able to secure the future of web3 security using their unique skillsets, and receiving exclusive opportunities for doing so.

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The role of a Code4rena Team Captain

  1. 01

    Delivering high-quality security outcomes by building talented teams

  2. 02

    Adopting a consultative approach

  3. 03

    Taking responsibility for team makeup, management, communication and team compensation levels

  4. 04

    Acting as community leaders and contributing to Code4rena's culture

  5. 05

    Upholding the highest ethical standards

  6. 06

    Helping ensure team members (and other community members!) are educated on guidelines and community standards

  7. 07

    Contributing to the quality, success and growth of the Code4rena ecosystem

The benefits of becoming a Code4rena Team Captain

As a Code4rena Team Captain, you’ll receive a regular monthly advance against earnings, plus referral fees. On top of that, you’ll be able to lead a Code4rena Blue team, have access to exclusive team invitationals and unique competitive opportunities, and have direct access to the Code4rena team via exclusive channels for personalized mentorship, support and collaboration.

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How to become a Code4rena Team Captain

For cerified wardens, the path to becoming a Team Captain involves an application, interview and a reference check.

  • Application
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  • Interview
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  • Reference Check