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Contest ran October 7October 13

7 day contest

Tracer contest

Tracer Perpetual Pools: No margins. No liquidations. Fully fungible tokens for the DeFi economy.

$30,000 USDC (plus $20,000 in tokens)

Total Awards

Tracer contest details

Contracts can be found here (note: commit 646360b).

Tracer Perpetual Pools

Project base generated with the Typescript Solidity Dev Starter Kit. See Blog Post for more details

C4 Audit Known Issues

In PoolCommitter::commit, shadowPools[_commitType] is passed in as a parameter to this function, but that's already been incremented yet the tokens haven't yet been burnt.

Perpetual Pools - Documentation

Contract Addresses

These are the current contracts that are being used on Arbitrum One.

Contract Pool Address
OracleWrapper for the BTC/USD oracle N/A 0xE973E6400B44fd20fc4752c03D112274A1374bA0
OracleWrapper for the ETH/USD oracle N/A 0xeceaea7e0408606714b2559ac9b1d3d51a327afe
PoolFactory N/A 0x98C58c1cEb01E198F8356763d5CbA8EB7b11e4E2
PoolKeeper N/A 0x759E817F0C40B11C775d1071d466B5ff5c6ce28e
LeveragedPool 3p BTC/USD 0x70988060e1FD9bbD795CA097A09eA1539896Ff5D
PoolCommitter 3p BTC/USD 0xFDE5D7B7596AF6aC5df7C56d76E14518A9F578dF
LeveragedPool 1p BTC/USD 0x146808f54DB24Be2902CA9f595AD8f27f56B2E76
PoolCommitter 1p BTC/USD 0x539Bf88D729B65F8eC25896cFc7a5f44bbf1816b
LeveragedPool 3p ETH/USD 0x54114e9e1eEf979070091186D7102805819e916B
PoolCommitter 3p ETH/USD 0x759E817F0C40B11C775d1071d466B5ff5c6ce28e
LeveragedPool 1p ETH/USD 0x3A52aD74006D927e3471746D4EAC73c9366974Ee
PoolCommitter 1p ETH/USD 0x047Cd47925C2390ce26dDeB302b8b165d246d450

Frontend Notes

Calculating ABDKMathQuad values

The PoolSwapLibrary contains several methods for generating, converting, and using the raw ratio values. These can be used in the frontend to estimate the result of a transaction. It is vital when estimating the result of a transaction that the shadow pool amount for the commit type's opposite is included in the token total supply.

Environment variables

The environment variables used in this project are documented in the example.env file at the root of the project. To configure, create a copy of example.env, rename to .env, and replace the placeholders with the correct values.

Using this Project

Install the dependencies with yarn. Build everything with yarn compile. Run the tests with yarn test.

Available Functionality

Build Contracts and Generate Typechain Typeings

You'll need to run this before running tests if typescript throws an error about not finding the typechain artifacts.

yarn refresh

Run Slither for static analysis report

If you have slither installed and on your PATH, you can run npm run slither to get a report on the current codebase.

Deploy to Ethereum

Create/modify network config in hardhat.config.ts and add API key and private key, then run:

npx hardhat run --network rinkeby scripts/deploy.ts Note: As of this commit, deploys are out of sync with the current contract set-up and therefore will not work.

Verify on Etherscan

Using the hardhat-etherscan plugin, add Etherscan API key to hardhat.config.ts, then run:

npx hardhat verify --network rinkeby <DEPLOYED ADDRESS>

PRs and feedback welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are pool keepers to be chosen? How many keepers are there?

The Pool Keeper is simply a contract that enforces the correct keeper behaviour. Anyone may be a keeper by calling the keeper function on that contract with a pool that is valid for upkeep. We will initially be adding wrappers for Chainlink keepers as well as having custom keepers.

The leveraged pool fee is represented as a bytes16 value. Why is this chosen over something like uint? What denomination does this represent?

The leveraged pool fee is a bytes16 value simply due to the maths library used. We often represent values in WAD values (popularised by the Maker DAO team). WAD values are the integer value multiplied by 10^18 (e.g. 1 = 1*10^18). The maths library we currently use represents values in IEEE quad precision numbers and uses bytes as way of storing this. A good primer on the above can be found here and WAD / RAY maths is introduced here.

How many different type of tests are there? There are unit tests in the test suite. Are there also end to end tests?

Most tests are unit tests. There is a single E2E test in e2e.spec.ts right now. We plan to add more.

Whats the deployments/kovan folder for? They seem to be different from the ABIs I get from artifacts folder when I compile.

We use a plugin for hardhat called hardhat deploy that helps with deployment. They recommend you commit the deployments folder to have consistent data across deploys. The deploys you find there will be deploys that have been run from old versions of the contract, hence the ABI difference.