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Announcing Code4rena Team Profiles.

Teams have always been a core part of the Code4rena approach. The community has demonstrated time and again the power of diversity of thought when it comes to security, and C4’s approach has always encouraged auditors to join forces, collaborate, and learn as a group.

We think of everyone — auditors and projects — as playing their role together in the Arena, with the ultimate goal being to level up smart contract security as a whole. This ethos that security is a collaborative, community effort is at the forefront of everything we do.

As part of our commitment to the power of teamwork, we want to shine a brighter spotlight on the many stellar teams that demonstrate that a collaborative approach gets results. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Code4rena Team Profiles.

What are Code4rena Team Profiles?

If you’re familiar with Code4rena Warden Profiles, then Team Profiles will feel very similar. In a nutshell, each Code4rena Team now has its own profile on the C4 website. This is a dedicated space for you to showcase all your collective hard work to the world, supported by verifiable data pulled from Code4rena audits.

Every profile will have:

  • Your team’s name, avatar, and relevant tags
  • Your team’s members
  • A metrics bar highlighting your team’s high and medium-severity findings
  • Your team’s leaderboard ranking

You’ll also have the ability to toggle visibility on:

  • Your team’s activity stream
  • A list of project logos that your team has helped secure
  • Your team’s findings heatmap
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Does this mean Code4rena teams can now be booked directly for audits?

Yes! As mentioned earlier, a key goal of releasing Team Profiles was to give teams more opportunities. Now, just as projects are able to book their preferred Wardens for solo audits, they can do the same thing with their team of choice. Once a project makes its choice, C4 staff will take care of all the administrative details so you and your team can focus on what you do best: working together to audit code. This means more accessibility to earning opportunities for you, and more accessibility to high-performing groups of security professionals for projects.

For more detailed information on what’s involved in the booking process, you can visit this page.

Take a look at Team Profiles for yourself

Interested to see a Code4rena Team Profile in action? Check out WatchPug’s (who are 2nd place on C4’s all-time leaderboard) here.

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