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AI for Wardens – less reading docs, more finding vulns

When you’re deep in the weeds of a smart contract, competing with 70+ other wardens to find vulns, every advantage counts.

A deeper understanding of the project’s documentation can make the difference. For example, xuWinnie credits what they learned diving into the zkSync documentation with their $500k result in that audit – combined with great skills and a hacker mindset (of course).

But reading through documentation can be time-consuming, and searching for specific answers in documentation can be a challenge. Plus, waiting for answers from project representatives burns valuable auditing time – especially for Wardens in different time zones or auditing in off-hours.

To help Wardens solve these blockers, C4’s own Machine Learning Engineer 0xTotem developed the Documentation Bot.

What is the Code4rena Documentation Bot?

The Documentation Bot provides immediate access to accurate information relevant to the audit, sourced directly from documentation provided by the project. Questions can be asked in any language, and the responses are generated in the language asked.

0xTotem built the Documention Bot on a retrieval augmented generation (RAG) system. Questions can be asked in multiple formats, and the bot will start a thread with an answer.

Most importantly, RAG allows the bot to cite and directly link source material from the documentation, so Wardens can be assured the answer is verified. “That’s the main feature of RAG,” said Totem. “Bringing trust to LLMs.”

No waiting, no searching, just auditing

The Documentation Bot can be a big help for Wardens with two big problems while auditing: searching through docs and waiting for sponsor responses.

Here’s an in-channel example from the Coinbase docs:

Documentation bot example

Documentation bot example

What’s better than getting an answer? Getting an answer when you need it! The Documentation Bot never sleeps, making it a great resource for Wardens auditing in off-hours, in other time zones, or any other period where a Sponsor from the project may not be around to answer questions.

So you can keep burning the midnight oil. (PS, should this phrase be changed to “overclocking the RTX 4090”?)

Documentation Bot and more ML features coming soon

The Documentation Bot has been in experimental mode for the past few audits, and will be available for *all* audits soon.

Plus, Totem has been working on an exciting suite of additional ML features to benefit Wardens and Sponsors using C4.

Keep in touch on our blog and social to see more of their work soon!

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