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Introducing Code4rena Pro League: all-star auditors, assembled

Pro League is here.

Code4rena has assembled the world’s most expert security researchers, on-demand to meet your project’s most challenging and critical releases. Welcome to the next level.

What is Code4rena Pro League?

Code4rena Pro League is the elite tier of Code4rena professional security researchers who compete, consult, and provide a range of services to projects.

Now, projects can:

  • Gain exclusive access to top security talent
  • Engage with the talent in one marketplace
  • Employ the talent through all of their development lifecycle phases

Now, Wardens can:

  • Build a full, lucrative career path within Code4rena
  • Graduate from competitive audits to solo or team engagements, high-impact consulting, technical leadership, management, or security entrepreneurship

(Oh, and you weren’t seeing things. cmichel and samczsun (among other big names) are a part of the exclusive Code4rena Pro League roster. You can check out the full list here)

Taking a deeper look at the playbook.

For projects:

If you want to engage Code4rena Pro League talent, there are multiple ways to do so:

  • Work with Code4rena to curate a custom team: Our team will hand-pick the best talent from our pool of industry-leading security researchers to suit your project’s needs.
  • Choose a captained team: You can sort through existing Pro League teams to see which best suits your project’s needs based on proficiencies, budget, and timing.

What’s more is that, in typical Code4rena style, we’ve designed Pro League to incentivize participants to perform at the top of their game. Security researchers included in the Pro League roster have to consistently prove their skills in a competitive environment or face relegation. This means you can have access to incentivized, industry-leading security researchers at any (or every!) stage of your development lifecycle.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team here.

For Wardens:

A full, lucrative career path within Code4rena? Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how that works for you as a Warden.

As mentioned in yesterday’s Spring update, we’re making the meritocratic professional hierarchy of Code4rena official with the launch of Security Researcher levels.

To achieve a level-up, you’ll need to improve your ranking, by attaining specific performance milestones and quality metrics. Your ranking improves by participating in open competitive audits.

Each level up brings increasing opportunities for compensation, role flexibility, and professional growth.

Starting May 1st, SR will replace “backstage” as the criteria for earning the role currently called “backstage”.

As your level increases, so does your ability to participate in lucrative earning opportunities via Pro League engagements. So, what are you waiting for? Check your Pro League eligibility now!

Let’s score big, together.

And that, security-minded peers, is how we’re applying the same ‘let’s take this good thing and elevate it to the next level’ mentality to working with individual security researchers, just as we did with open competitive audits. We’re looking forward to this next era with you.

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