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Code4rena Blue vs. Traditional Bug Bounties

We applaud any project looking to protect itself from emergent vulnerabilities by posting public bug bounties. Every vulnerability discovered and fixed makes the entire Web3 ecosystem stronger.

However, many bug bounty platforms are designed in a way that creates antagonistic relationships between projects & hunters, and payouts that feel disproportionate to the effort involved. Perhaps worse than that, they offer the feeling of continuous coverage, without any certainty.

Code4rena Blue solves the shortcomings of traditional bug bounties by combining competitive bounties, independent judging, and dedicated defense teams into an elevated bug bounty model.

What is Code4rena Blue?

With Code4rena Blue, your project gains proactive security coverage and triage from a dedicated blue team dedicated to your code, in addition to the benefits of Code4rena’s open-field competitive security community.

This team of experts is assigned by Code4rena, and has the knowledge needed to validate bugs and provide proofs of concept of bug reports. This means your devs aren’t pulled away to spend time doing things other than building.

Your blue team is also incentivized to be your first hunters for easy-to-find bugs — providing actual continuous coverage, not just the illusion of coverage.

Most importantly, Code4rena Blue brings the fairness of Code4rena’s independent judging to bounties, so there are impartial rulings on severity.

Code4rena Blue vs. Traditional Bug Bounties

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Get started with Code4rena Blue

Want to learn more about how an elevated bug bounty platform can help secure your project? Check out the full details for projects here.

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