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Introducing the Code4rena Warden Dashboard

Code4rena Wardens are some of the most focused, high-performing people we’ve ever met. Securing the Web3 ecosystem is serious work that requires a sharp mind that can block out distractions.

Today, we’re happy to announce an upgrade to the Warden Dashboard on that’s designed to enhance your workflows and improve efficiency. Everything you need is in easy reach, with a decluttered UI and much more efficient navigation.

What is the Warden Dashboard?

Starting today, when you’re logged in to, you’ll see a stripped-back, focused work environment where you can easily:

  • navigate between competitions;
  • manage your findings; and
  • manage your profile.

All the tasks you perform most often will be at your fingertips, in a streamlined view designed to enhance productivity.

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All your work, just a click away.

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The latest news from Code4rena, posted to your home feed.

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Easily locate audits you’re working on, and keep an eye on active and upcoming audits.

To view yours, all you have to do is log into your account on and you’ll be greeted with the new in-app experience.

We hope you love it. Now go, and spend your newly freed-up time (and mental space) hunting down more vulnerabilities!

The Code4rena Team

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