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New to Code4rena: Test Coverage

Typically, projects implement test coverage before initiating an audit, as a necessary step preceding a secure launch. However, this practice can be cumbersome — and Code4rena is all about asking how you can get the highest quality result in the shortest amount of time. What if we said that now you could confidently hand off this process to a group of smart contract experts with a penchant for security?

That’s why we are excited to introduce Code4rena Test Coverage, a revolutionary approach that offers projects a reliable, cost-effective, and scalable way to ensure comprehensive test coverage for their products.

Why choose to deploy Code4rena Test Coverage?

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Ensure quality

We know that when it comes to launching a project, time, money, and quality often compete for top priority. Code4rena Test Coverage empowers projects to meet all these priorities without compromise, by providing projects with expert surge capacity for their engineering teams pre-launch. You’re empowered to ship quality code that has been thoroughly tested by security-minded experts, at an accelerated rate, all while allowing your development team to stay focused on the things that only they can do.

Our first-ever Test Coverage deployment demonstrated an acceleration of speed to launch without compromising security. The combined test coverage and audit for that project took only 6 days in total. To quote the project’s engineer Lambda directly:

“Compared to other alternatives, such as hiring freelancers, C4 Test Coverage is faster and results in less work for the project team.”

Who’s involved in Test Coverage?

Test Coverage opportunities are posted for RSVP, with Wardens selected based on a variety of factors including leaderboard rank and familiarity with the project (if previous audits have been conducted).

  • Sponsor or Lead Warden: divides up tests among Test Coverage wardens, and reviews PRs.
  • Test Coverage Wardens: contribute by writing tests to ensure full test coverage of the functions outlined by the project.

How does Code4rena Test Coverage work?

Test Coverage is a vital component of a comprehensive security approach for any project. Typically, Wardens will be deployed to undertake comprehensive test coverage before your audit begins. Fresh, high-quality code is generated as a result, which is then perfectly positioned for review by Code4rena’s community of smart contract security experts.

Test Coverage Warden Selection

  • To participate in Test Coverage initiatives, watch for RSVP opportunities posted in our #rsvp-certified Discord channel.
  • The highest-ranking Wardens as per the Code4rena leaderboard who RSVP will be allocated places in the Test Coverage team.


  • Step 1: The project’s engineer creates a GitHub project and outlines the functions needing test coverage.
  • Step 2: Wardens review the GitHub project and make suggestions for additional tests needed.
  • Step 3: Wardens claim a test coverage ticket, work on it, then claim another when they complete the first one.
  • Note: Vulnerabilities filed during the testing phase will be automatically submitted for judging in the audit and will be considered solo findings.


Each test is assigned shares of 1, 2, or 3 based on the project team’s assessment of the level of effort required. At the end of the Test Coverage process, a total of how many tests were completed by each Warden is noted. The award pool will be divided by that number for each Warden.

Get started

We’re here to help you get the highest quality result in the shortest amount of time, without compromising on time, money, effort, or security. If you’re looking to deploy Code4rena Test Coverage as part of your end-to-end secure launch approach, reach out to our team here.

Visit the webpage here.

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