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Contest ran February 25March 3

7 day contest

ElasticDAO contest

ElasticDAO is an experiment in fair governance.

Total Awards

Code Contest 2: ElasticDAO Contracts

Code Contest Details

Pot Size 22 ETH TOTAL (~$35,000)
20 ETH for Vulerabilities 2 ETH for Gas Improvements (not related to the storage pattern)

Start Time
Feb 25, 1600 UTC

Stop Time
March 3, 2359 UTC

LSDan | ElasticDAO GitHub

Judges Zak Cole

About The Code

Elastic DAO is a governance protocol that attempts to balance the competing interests between the different participants in a decentralized ecosystem. Elastic DAO achieves this by reducing the overall influence that money and early adopters have in existing DAO governance models.

ElasticDAO relies on Snapshot for it's voting approach (due to gas prices) pending implementation with a layer 2 solution after launch. For this reason, most functions which would be performed by voting are actually executed by a multisig. This multisig will be the owner of the proxy contracts, the ElasticDAO controller, the burner, and the minter.

Code with tests and tooling is available at https://github.com/elasticdao/contracts/tree/c657b84469ba33efd8914c7e847830d82cb0f3ca Docs are available at https://docs.elasticdao.org

How It Works

core/ElasticDAO.sol defines the logic for deploying, initializing, summoning, joining, and exiting a DAO. core/ElasticDAOFactory.sol provides a singular approach for deploying DAOs and is meant to be managed by the first DAO, ElasticDAO. tokens/ElasticGovernanceToken.sol is a rebasing token that conforms to the ERC20 spec.

Storage contracts follow a version of the Eternal Storage pattern and are found in src/models.

As this code conforms to NatSpec formatting specifications, lower level details regarding function can be found as comments within the code itself.

Sharing Vulnerability/Discovery POC

Should you identify a vulnerability or bug and have a POC that demonstrates the exploit, please create a private repository and share the POC with the contest Judge. When you have shared access, please also notify the judge on Discord to let them know you have shared it.