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Contest ran February 17February 22

6 day contest

Slingshot Finance contest

Slingshot is a decentralized trading platform.

Total Awards

Code Contest 1: Slingshot Trading Contracts

Code Contest Details

Pot Size

Start Time
Feb 17, 1400 UTC

Stop Time
Feb 21, 2359 UTC

Zak Cole

About The Code

As a system, Slingshot aggregates prices for available token pairs from a variety of decentralized exchanges and automated market making protocols.

How It Works

Slingshot.sol defines the general logic by which a transaction is handled and executed.

The specific logic for each DEX/AMM is defined within its own corresponding module that is stored in the module registry.

Slingshot.sol references these modules to appropriately execute a trade. Slingshot.sol also performs some safety checks to account for slippage and security. Slingshot.sol expect parameters to be passed from the Slingshot backend that provide the details related to how a given transaction should be executed.

As this code conforms to NatSpec formatting specifications, lower level details regarding function can be found as comments within the code itself.

Sharing Vulnerability/Discovery POC

Should you identify a vulnerability or bug and have a POC that demonstrates the exploit, please create a private repository and share the POC with the contest Judge. When you have shared access, please also notify the judge on Discord to let them know you have shared it.