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Contest ran September 30October 6

7 day contest

Sushi Trident contest phase 2

Community-driven DeFi platform

~$100,000 (8,000 Sushi)

Total Awards

Sushi Trident contest phase 2 contest details

This repo will be made public before the start of the contest. (C4 delete this line when made public)

Contest scope

This contest is focused on Concentrated Liquidity Pool of Trident.

The commit snapshot and scope for this contest includes these two folders:

Total lines of code are approximately 2k.

Important note

As the code to be reviewed is in the production repo, please be sure to use the exact URLs above; they contain the commit hash that will ensure you are reviewing the code that is in scope for this contest.


Documentation can be found here: https://github.com/sushiswap/trident/blob/concentrated/contracts/pool/concentrated/README.md