eBTC Zap Router

Bringing BTC to DeFi.

  • Start date24 Jun 2024
  • End date8 Jul 2024
  • Total awards$40,000 in USDC
  • Duration14 days

Badger audit details

  • Total Prize Pool: $40,000 in USDC
    • HM awards: $31,875 in USDC
    • QA awards: $1,325 in USDC
    • Judge awards: $3,300 in USDC
    • Validator awards: $3,000 USDC
    • Scout awards: $500 USDC
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  • Starts June 24, 2024 20:00 UTC
  • Ends July 8, 2024 20:00 UTC

Automated Findings / Publicly Known Issues

The 4naly3er report can be found here.

Note for C4 wardens: Anything included in this Automated Findings / Publicly Known Issues section is considered a publicly known issue and is ineligible for awards.

  • Rounding error from (stETH/wstETH) conversion
  • Owner is TechOps multisig
  • We did not add ERC20 Permits, we could add them later
  • We assume the user will chose the correct external function based on their collateral type (ETH/WETH/stETH/wstETH)
  • DEX is hardcoded and will either be 0x or 1Inch
  • A user is expected to rationally chose between normal zap router and leverage zap router


Route between different zaps and functionality.

Key Functions

  • One-click Leverage: use flash loans via leverage macro to lever loop in one action
  • Flippening: a wrapper on leverage where you sell the final eBTC for more stETH (lever long ETH)
  • Native ETH: Deposit from native ETH and auto-wrap into stETH
  • ETH Variants deposits: come from WETH and wstETH as well for convenience



Files in scope

ContractSLOCPurposeLibraries used
EbtcLeverageZapRouter.sol254Main swap router contract that defines user facing external functionsN/A
LeverageZapRouterBase.sol216Base contract that implements functions for zap routers that use leverageN/A
ZapRouterBase.sol116Base contract that implements functions for all zap routersN/A
IEbtcLeverageZapRouter.sol37Leverage zap router interface contract and typesN/A
LeverageMacroBase.sol383Base contract that performs flash loans, CDP operations and DEX swapsN/A

Files out of scope

All files not in the scope table are Out Of Scope

Scoping Q & A

General questions

ERC20 used by the protocoleBTC, stETH
Test coverageebtc-protocol - Lines: 72.80%, Functions: 57.22% & ebtc-zap-router - Lines: 47.06 %, Functions: 54.64%
ERC721 used by the protocolNone
ERC777 used by the protocolNone
ERC1155 used by the protocolNone
Chains the protocol will be deployed onEthereum

ERC20 token behaviors in scope

External integrations (e.g., Uniswap) behavior in scope:

Enabling/disabling fees (e.g. Blur disables/enables fees)No
Pausability (e.g. Uniswap pool gets paused)No
Upgradeability (e.g. Uniswap gets upgraded)No

EIP compliance checklist


Additional context

Main invariants

  • Position manager permit needs to be revoked after each operation
  • ZapRouter contract should not hold any CDP positions
  • ZapRouter contract should not have any tokens after each operation (aside from rounding)

Attack ideas (where to focus for bugs)

  • Fee should be assessed only when debt increases
  • Owner cannot execute arbitrary calls

All trusted roles in the protocol

TechOps multisigCan rescue tokens

Any novel or unique curve logic or mathematical models implemented in the contracts:


Running tests

Clone the repo;

git clone --recurse https://github.com/code-423n4/2024-06-badger.git

For ebtc-protocol tests (Both for Hardhat and Foundry);

cd ebtc-protocol
cd packages/contracts

For ebtc-protocol Hardhat tests:

yarn test

For ebtc-protocol Foundry tests:

forge test

For ebtc-protocol test coverage:

forge coverage
File% Lines% Statements% Branches% Funcs
Total72.80% (3471/4768)72.15% (4385/6078)56.18% (850/1513)57.22% (622/1087)

For ebtc-zap-router tests;

cd ebtc-zap-router
forge install
cd lib/ebtc
cd ../../
forge build
forge test

For ebtc-zap-router test coverage:

forge coverage
File% Lines% Statements% Branches% Funcs
script/DeployEbtcZapRouter.sol0.00% (0/11)0.00% (0/19)100.00% (0/0)0.00% (0/1)
src/EbtcLeverageZapRouter.sol85.19% (69/81)83.33% (90/108)67.65% (23/34)75.00% (12/16)
src/EbtcZapRouter.sol88.16% (67/76)90.00% (81/90)46.43% (13/28)88.89% (16/18)
src/LeverageZapRouterBase.sol80.00% (56/70)81.08% (60/74)61.11% (11/18)78.57% (11/14)
src/ZapRouterBase.sol89.19% (33/37)92.73% (51/55)60.00% (6/10)90.91% (10/11)
src/invariants/ZapRouterActor.sol31.58% (6/19)19.05% (4/21)25.00% (2/8)66.67% (2/3)
src/invariants/ZapRouterProperties.sol0.00% (0/5)0.00% (0/14)100.00% (0/0)0.00% (0/5)
src/invariants/ZapRouterStateSnapshots.sol0.00% (0/107)0.00% (0/109)0.00% (0/48)0.00% (0/3)
src/testContracts/UniswapV3CollAdapter.sol0.00% (0/62)0.00% (0/80)0.00% (0/20)0.00% (0/3)
src/testContracts/WstETH.sol35.56% (48/135)32.35% (55/170)18.33% (11/60)30.91% (17/55)
test/ZapRouterBaseInvariants.sol100.00% (52/52)100.00% (63/63)50.00% (4/8)100.00% (13/13)
test/invariants/TargetFunctionsBase.sol95.08% (58/61)96.05% (73/76)50.00% (12/24)80.00% (8/10)
test/invariants/TargetFunctionsNoLeverage.sol0.00% (0/175)0.00% (0/213)0.00% (0/48)0.00% (0/12)
test/invariants/TargetFunctionsWithLeverage.sol67.08% (108/161)65.44% (142/217)36.67% (22/60)60.71% (17/28)
test/invariants/echidna/EchidnaLeverageTester.sol0.00% (0/2)0.00% (0/2)100.00% (0/0)0.00% (0/1)
test/invariants/echidna/EchidnaNoLeverageTester.sol0.00% (0/2)0.00% (0/2)100.00% (0/0)0.00% (0/1)
Total47.06% (497/1056)47.14% (619/1313)28.42% (104/366)54.64% (106/194)


Employees of Badger and employees' family members are ineligible to participate in this audit.