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Introducing Code4rena Blue: More than just bug bounties

By now, making the Web3 ecosystem more secure (while competing for awards) is second nature for Code4rena Wardens: they’re ready and eager to seek out vulnerabilities in any codebase.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that bug bounties are now live on Code4rena!

Excited? Us too, because this launch is part of a big new way for Wardens to earn rewards by hunting for vulnerabilities. Without further ado, it’s time to introduce Code4rena Blue.

What is Code4rena Blue?

Code4rena Blue combines competitive bounties, independent judging, and dedicated defense teams into an elevated bug bounty model that solves the shortcomings of traditional models.

Competitive Bounties

What’s a bug bounty program without bounties to hunt? We’re partnering with tons of great Web3 companies to offer bounties on all types of projects — smart contracts, NFTs, blockchains, and more.

Independent Judging

Code4arena Blue uses a similar judging process as our regular competitive audits. This means that unlike traditional bug bounties, which often put project devs into a combative relationship with bug hunters, Code4rena Judges are the ones making independent rulings on the validity and severity of findings. That means less time spent negotiating, and more time spent hunting!

Dedicated Defense

What sets Code4rena Blue apart from traditional bug bounty programs is the dedicated blue teams assigned to codebases. Blue teams are responsible for bug report validation, triage, and incident response — and of course, competing with the rest of the community to hunt bounties.

How do blue teams work?

Blue teams earn a stable income via monthly retainer by proactively defending one protocol from copycat attacks, dependency vulns, and ecosystem risks, providing triage services.

This totally changes the earnings potential for Wardens — there is now an option for consistent income outside of competitive audits!

Plus, blue teams are also paid for bounties for valid bugs found that are not emergent threats. With the right combination of niche experts, a blue team can really maximize their earnings.

How to start a team

Teams are formed by Team Captains, who recruit, manage, and allocate payments for their team. Teams assigned to a codebase are considered blue teams for that project.

Acting as a Team Captain is an important role, with responsibilities beyond expert auditing. Team Captains are responsible for:

  • team makeup, management, communication, and team compensation levels
  • acting as community leaders and contributing to Code4rena’s culture
  • upholding the highest ethical standards
  • helping ensure team members (and other community members!) are educated on guidelines and community standards.

Interested in leading a team as a Captain? Apply here

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