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Contest ran April 8April 21

14 day contest

Maple Finance contest

Maple Finance delivers capital-efficient borrowing for top tier institutions

$100,000 USDC

Total Awards

Maple Finance Contest

The codebase to audit will be the maple-core repository (located here), which includes the MPL token as a submodule (maple-token repo located here).

All technical documentation for the protocol is located in the maple-core wiki.

The commit hashes to be used for this contest are

  • maple-core: 1b151c79ae1406b46405bb37cf82f033b1ba69dc
  • maple-token: 834e8392e4534fc405d70c58f0f7679b111e6e83

It should be noted that there will be code that is merged into the develop branch of maple-core during the course of the Code Arena audit, but it will not be related to updating any functionality. It will just be for adding/refactoring tests, creating an end-to-end launch simulation using HEVM, and potentially updating events.

Any technical questions that wardens have can be answered privately through Discord DMs. Discord contacts for the Maple smart contracts team are listed below:

- Lucas Manuel,   Solidity Tech Lead - @Lucas Manuel | Maple#7833
- Satyam Agrawal, Solidity Engineer  - @bakii_agl#6577
- Michael Elliot, Solidity Engineer  - @0xMike#6351

Note: Original commit hashes were:

  • maple-core: 031374b2609560ade825532474048eb5826dec20
  • maple-token: cb8aab71590550ca6058250f705a0ab52e209585

But have been updated and finalized to the ones shown above.