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Contest ran July 29July 31

3 day contest

PoolTogether micro contest #1

A protocol for no loss prize savings on Ethereum

$20,000 USDC

Total Awards

PoolTogether Micro Contest #1

Contest Scope

This contest covers two additional yield sources for PoolTogether V3 prize pools: an mStable yield source and a swappable yield source. The mStable yield source allows prize pools to use mStable as a yield source. The swappable yield source allows governance to switch from one yield source to another.

Contract Description Source Lines of Code External Calls Libraries
MStableYieldSource.sol PoolTogether MStable Yield Source ~75 MStable SavingsContractV2
ERC20 token
OpenZeppelin SafeERC20
SwappableYieldSource.sol Meta yield source that allows governance to change yield sources ~200 PoolTogether IYieldSource
ERC20 token
OpenZeppelin Contracts
PoolTogether FixedPoint

Areas of Concern

mStable Interaction and Risks

  • Are we interacting correctly with the mStable protocol?
  • Are there fees or other risks that will impact the no-loss behaviour of the prize pool?
  • Is it possible to be rugged?

Swappable Yield Source Risks

  • Will dust or balance inconsistencies lock funds?
  • Under what conditions can it be rugged?



Developer Discord

Architectural Walkthrough