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Contest ran November 16November 18

3 day contest

yAxis contest

The trusted #DeFi platform to earn reliable returns on digital assets.

$30,000 USDC

Total Awards

yAxis contest details


The scope of this program should be on contracts in the v3/alchemix directory. The contracts are adopted from Alchemix protocol, which provides highly flexible instant loans that repay themselves over time.

The main changes are

  1. Add borrow fees when users mint alUSD. The borrow fees will be sent to a reward address
  2. Add yAxis vault adaptor


Alchemist (line 287-300 and 604-645)

Alchemist.sol exposes the main functions for users to interact, like deposit, withdraw, liquidate, repay, mint. The differences between the original Alchemix contract is adding a setBorrowFee function and charging borrow fee when users mint.

External calls

  • AlToken

YaxisVaultAdapter (LOC: 99)

It helps Alchemist manage users' fund to generate yeild through yAxis vault. It should be able to handle deposit and withdraw fund from yAxis vault correctly. It should make sure the conversation between share and token correctly

External calls

  • Vault

Libraries used

  • SafeERC20
  • SafeMath