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Contest ran July 22July 28

7 day contest

Sherlock contest

Decentralized exploit protection.

$80,000 USDC

Total Awards

Sherlock contest details


Contest scoping

Sherlock is a protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that protects Decentralized Finance (DeFi) users from exploits with proprietary security analysis and protocol-level coverage.

There are 3 main participants in the Sherlock ecosystem:

  • Protocols accrue debt to the solution over time, in return, their end users are compensated in case of an exploit at protocol level.
  • Stakers provide capital to the solution, their capital is used in case of an exploit payout. In return for the risk they are rewarded SherX, a token which can be redeemed for underlying protocol premium tokens.
  • Security team (watsons) is a decentralized group incentivized to keep protocols safe and signal protocol premium pricing to the Sherlock DAO.

Smart Contracts

Contract Lines External Contracts Libraries (OpenZeppelin) Libraries (other) Libraries (internal) Info
ForeignLock.sol 2 X Ownable ERC20 tokens used to represent tokens staked in the solution
NativeLock.sol 5 X Ownable ERC20 token used to represent SHERX staked in the solution
facets/Gov.sol 142 X SafeMath, SafeERC20 LibDiamond Facet containing the logic used to govern the solution.
facets/GovDev.sol 6 X LibDiamond Facet used for remove/add/update solidity code in the solution.
facets/Manager.sol 124 X SafeMath LibPool, LibSherX Facet used to mananage protocol premiums and the amount of SHERX being minted
facets/Payout.sol 66 X SafeMath, SafeERC20 LibDiamond LibPool, LibSherX, LibSherXERC20 Facet used to initiate payouts in case of an exploit
facets/PoolBase.sol 143 X SafeMath, SafeERC20 LibPool Facet used for every token in the solution. For staker actions and protocol actions.
facets/PoolDevOnly.sol 2 X SafeERC20 LibDiamond LibPool Facet used to whitelist a certain address to access the staking function.
facets/PoolOpen.sol 12 X SafeERC20 LibPool Facet used to for staking without whitelist.
facets/PoolStrategy.sol 36 X SafeMath, SafeERC20 Facet used for yield strategies for staker tokens
facets/SherX.sol 124 X SafeMath, SafeERC20 LibPool, LibSherX, LibSherXERC20 Facet used for SHERX related functions, like redeeming underlying
facets/SherXERC20.sol 44 X SafeMath LibDiamond LibSherXERC20 Facet used for the ERC20 function of SHERX
libraries/LibPool.sol 35 X SafeMath, SafeERC20 Internal libary used for token pool related functions
libraries/LibSherX.sol 52 X SafeMath, SafeERC20 LibPool, LibSherXERC20 Internal libary used for SHERX related functions
libraries/LibSherXERC20.sol 10 X SafeMath Internal libary used for ERC20 related functions
strategies/AaveV2.sol 26 Aave V2 SafeMath, SafeERC20, Ownable Strategy used to deposit tokens into Aave V2.

Sherlock V1 (solution) is built using Diamonds (EIP 2535), basically meaning all the contracts in the facets folder live at the same address and share the same storage. The solution is ERC20 compatible, the ERC20 exposed functions are defined in facets/SherXERC20.sol.

Natspec comments can be read from the interfaces folder.

Areas of concern

  • The payout function is long and complex
  • Redeeming SHERX
  • _doYield() function in the SherX facet.
  • The different functions for updating premiums and token pricing. Focussing on economic exploits.

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