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Contest ran July 8July 14

7 day contest

Wild Credit contest

Decentralized lending protocol with isolated lending pairs.

$50,000 USDC

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Wild Credit contest details


Contest scoping

Wild Credit is a lending protocol. Unlike Compound or Aave, which are composed of a "basket" of approved tokens, Wild Credit instead has isolated lending pairs. Similar to Uniswap, each pair does not influence the state of any other pair in any way. This allows much better risk management and allows the protocol to list less liquid tokens.

Both tokens in each lending pair can be used either as collateral or the borrowed token. To borrow one token, the borrower must deposit the other token as collateral. Each account can only borrow one of the tokens at the same time. To borrow the other token, the currently borrowed token must be repaid in full and the collateral must be withdrawn. A lender may deposit both tokens at the same time to earn interest.

Please review all contracts in this repository. Special interest could be given to the RewardDistribution.sol contract and how it interacts with the LendingPair.sol

A preview of how the protocol will work can be seen on http://kovan.wild.credit/

ERC20 difference: LPTokenMaster.sol changes the _transfer function

Please disregard anything currently deployed on mainnet. Subject to review is only the code in this repo and nothing else.

External calls are made by the oracles - Chainlink and Uniswap V3 oracles.

Docs: https://wild-credit.gitbook.io/wild-credit/