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Contest ran October 14October 20

7 day contest

Union Finance contest

The Credit Protocol. Lets make defi positive sum.

$60,000 worth of ETH

Total Awards

Union Finance contest details



A good place to start are the UserManager and uToken contracts.

Line count Contract Description
339 Comptroller.sol Distributes rewards
92 UnionToken.sol Mint and distribute UnionTokens.
0 CreditLimitModel.sol Calculate the user's credit line based on the trust he receives from the vouchees.
175 AaveAdapter.sol
161 CompoundAdapter.sol
479 AssetManager.sol Manage the token balances staked by the users and deposited by admins, and invest tokens to the integrated underlying lending protocols.
100 PureTokenAdapter.sol
837 UserManager.sol Manages the Union members credit lines, and their vouchees and borrowers info.
150 UnionGovernor.sol
18 UErc20.sol
102 MarketRegistry.sol Registering and managing all the lending markets.
767 UToken.sol Union members can borrow and repay thru this component.
51 TreasuryVester.sol
118 Treasury.sol


Union is an upgradeable system. Each deployed contract is actually a "Proxy" that points to an "Implementation" contract. All addresses can be found in the folder deployments/${network}.


Contract Address (proxy) Upgradeable
UserManager 0x77aABF576fe07f06bdde95Ba25625d3a91A6190F
MarketRegistry 0xB0f8Be21E30ae291e002aD8A28A85e90266Ad099
Comptroller 0x4cAc792Cdb49a9036E4f1dE8F60e86f485D0EB98
UToken (uDAI) 0xd9bAe3CF2E16E72A5a3896d11e46449E65Aa6F52
AssetManager 0x205365B5474D7488fcd862010B1FcA5Bd8c485C9
CompoundAdapter 0xf90a43Ed2e76f0635c0f2208D17BCf0C380D270C
AaveAdapter 0x205365B5474D7488fcd862010B1FcA5Bd8c485C9
PureTokenAdapter 0x93AC44Eff25e0F055CA2B1d4bcCEF453A8541F96
UnionToken 0x598C0657385A1a631dD71818485bD704CFa552aE
Governor 0xed1411eaCDaE26ACeAf0240cf4B4077dbB75d06a
Timelock 0x5aAD7F7239c28Aa38c6BA6b62B3267D3a6Bb7F7a
Treasury 0x14bF0cb2dEb280e8FE68242F06206F970c2ef425
Treasury Vester 0x15dCc98027dC9a3E655A37bD36ED7F7483aBBEc8
Kovan DAI 0x4f96fe3b7a6cf9725f59d353f723c1bdb64ca6aa
Kovan cDAI 0xf0d0eb522cfa50b716b3b1604c4f0fa6f04376ad



  • Node @12.x
  • Python @3.x (for running Slither)

Clone the repo and then install dependencies:

$ yarn install


To run the entire test suite:

$ yarn test


To run tests with coverage:

$ yarn coverage