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Contest ran 4 January 202210 January 2022

6 day contest

Timeswap contest

Like Uniswap, but for lending & borrowing.

$75,000 USDC

Total Awards

Timeswap contest details


Name LOC External Contracts Called Libraries
Timeswap-V1-Core/TimeswapPair.sol 378 2 10
Timeswap-V1-Core/TimeswapFactory.sol 75 1 0
Timeswap-V1-Convenience/TimeswapConvenience.sol 567 0 8
Timeswap-V1-Convenience/Liquidity.sol 70 0 2
Timeswap-V1-Convenience/Bond.sol 69 0 2
Timeswap-V1-Convenience/Insurance.sol 71 0 2
Timeswap-V1-Convenience/CollateralizedDebt.sol 95 0 3

Describe any novel or unique curve logic or mathematical models implemented in the contracts

The protocol does not use an oracle for collateral factor calculation. Instead, it utilizes a xyz=k constant product algorithm to discover both interest rate and collateral factor. x and y determines interest rate, while x and z determines collateral factor. Whenever the ratio of x, y, and z are not up to market rate, then it means it is a favorable price for a lender or borrower.

Does the token conform to the ERC-20 standard? In what specific ways does it differ?

The Bond ERC20, Insurance ERC20, Liquidity ERC20, and Collateralized Debt ERC721 in the Convenience repo follows the token standard. The key difference they have is that they don’t store total supply in the contract, instead the respective claims (bond and insurance), dues, and liquidity balanceOf of those ERC20 and ERC721 contracts are the total supply.

Timeswap Whitepaper

Timeswap V1 Core Product Specification

Timeswap V1 Convenience Product Specification

Timeswap Gitbook Documentation

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