Contest ran 15 June 202218 June 2022

3 day contest

Badger-Vested-Aura contest

Bringing BTC to DeFi

$30,000 USDC

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Badger-Vested-Aura contest details

Badger Vested Aura - bveAURA

Building upon the work of the CodeArena Reviewed bveCVX (Badger Vested CVX), Badger is offering a locking vault for, with the goal of sourcing yield from locking incentives as well as processing voting bribes from HiddenHands.

The goal of this contest is to review the MyStrategy.sol we wrote for locking Aura as well as Claiming and processing Bribes.

Code Repository

The repository is a brownie project, just setup a .env with your WEB3_INFURA_PROJECT_ID and ETHERSCAN_TOKEN

# .env


Run the tests with

brownie test --interactive

--interactive allows you to debug if something breaks

Check for gas and coverage with brownie test --gas --coverage

Badger Basic Architecture

bveAura, is built with Badger Vaults 1.5, a Quantstamp Audited improvement over Yearn Vaults V1

The Vault is meant to manage Deposits and Withdrawals, while the Strategy is meant to lock AURA and use the lock to claim locking rewards as well as Bribes from Hidden Hands.

The Claimed Bribes are transfered to another smart contract, out of scope, called the BribesProcessor which is meant to be used by a multi-sig to sell the bribes into other tokens.

Important Considerations

Because of the architecture of BadgerVaults, not only the Strategy contract could contain vulnerabilities, but vulnerabilities could emerge from the interaction between the Strategy, the BaseStrategy and the Vault.

Particular care should be put into understanding how Vault invariants could be broken due to the implementation of the MyStrategy

Contracts in Scope

MyStrategy.sol - 440 LOC ->

Additional note on scope:

These contracts are out of scope:

They have been previously audited by Code4rena and QuantStamp.

However, if a high or medium severity finding is discovered in this previously audited code, it would be eligible for consideration based wholly on judge discretion as outlined in the docs.

Do not submit gas optimizations or QA on these contracts.

External Contracts we're integrating with

Aura Locker, reviewed via CodeArena, report TBD. Code:

hiddenHandDistributor, to claim veBAL Bribes, reviewed via CodeArena here:

bribesProcessor, to process bribes, to be coded, example code:

BalancerVault, to sell certain tokens for more AURA, Code:, Audits:

Request for Gas Findings

Having reviewed hundreds of gas reports I ask wardens to kindly report Gas Findings along with an estimate of how much gas it would save.

Adding the gas estimate forces you into figuring that out properly, allows a easier review and helps you win more contests.

e.g. Cache Storage Variable - 97 gas

Attack Ideas

Wardens should try to:

  • Break the vault accounting by inflating the value of the underlying vs the real value redeemable (socialize losses)
  • Have the vault be denominated into a token which price can be manipulated (single sided exposure)
  • Loss of Yield
  • Loss of Bribes
  • Loss of Voting Power
  • Inability to Withdraw due to incorrect logic
  • Griefing attacks (force to relock when not expected)
  • Donation attack to rebase token and break invariants

Additional Resources

bveCVX CodeArena Report

Badger Vaults 1.5 Codebase

b1.5 Code Overview:

b1.5 Documentation:

Badger Vaults 1.5 QuantStamp Audit

Badger Office Hour Discussion about the Why behind 1.5:

Badger 1.5 Mix (Brownie Boilerplate)