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Contest ran 6 January 202212 January 2022

6 day contest

Sandclock contest

The Next Generation of Wealth Creation.

$60,000 USDC

Total Awards


Sandclock Contest details

Audit Scope

The scope includes all the contracts, and any relevant interfaces, in the sandclock directory of this repo. This is a hardhat project with the relevant contracts included, as well as their test suite.

Contracts and interfaces meant for test purposes only can be safely ignored

Here's a list of the included contracts:

Name LOC External Contracts Called Libraries
Vault 557 5 4
SandclockFactory 58 0 0
BaseStratey 303 5 2
NonUSTStrategy 137 6 1
USTStrategy 37 0 0
vault/Claimers 122 1 1
vault/Depositors 68 1 1
lib/PercentMath 63 0 0
lib/ERC165Query 55 1 0

Focus Areas

Share allocation / yield distribution

The focus of the vault logic is to allow accounts to deposit an underlying currency, which will generate yield through an arbitrary strategy. That yield can be assigned to different beneficiaries, according to an allocation defined at the moment of deposit. Ensure that all the calculations around shares and underlying value are correct, and that no possiblity for loss of funds, hijacking of funds from other depositors is possible.

EthAnchor Strategies

Each vault will invest underlying tokens via a strategy, either UST or Non-UST, depending on which underlying currency is used. The strategy will convert that underlying to UST (in case of Non-UST strategies) and invest it through EthAnchor. Communication between the vault and strategy must ensure that only the desired percentage of funds is invested, that all funds are correctly accounted for, and that no loss of funds occur.

The interaction can be controlled by trusted accounts (defined with the Trust contract). This will allow our backend to ajust investment percentages, and withdraw funds from the strategy if necessary.

Positions as NFTs

Both deposits and claims are represented as NFTs. One particularity about this is that once you own a claim NFT, you cannot receive another one via an NFT transfer (since a single NFT represents your entire claim across the whole vault, and the vault would be confused if you owned more than 1). Transfering NFTs to accounts that don't have any should still be allowed (e.g.: to migrate to a new wallet)

Deploy Factory

The custom factory allows deploying contracts with a deterministic address (CREATE2) and publish events, which can then be picked up by a subgraph to dynamically track new vaults. Ensure each newly created vault is deployed correctly and permissions set as expected.

Contact us ☎️

Name Timezone Discord
Cristiano UTC Cristiano#6015
Gabriel UTC gabrielpoca#1685
Miguel UTC naps62#6355
Milan UTC+1 milan#3774
Ryuhei UTC+9 svcrypto#4603