Contest ran 28 April 20222 May 2022

4 day contest

Mimo DeFi contest

Bridging the chasm between the DeFi world and the world of regulated financial institutions.

$50,000 USDC

Total Awards

Mimo DeFi contest details


The Mimo protocol is a decentralized stablecoin issuance protocol on the Ethereum, Polygon and Fantom blockchain. Parallel stablecoins are decentralized, non-custodial, collateral-backed, and fully redeemable synthetic assets pegged to a fiat currency.

At launch, the Mimo Protocol offers a single ERC20 stablecoin called PAR which is pegged to the Euro.

The protocol was launched in December 2020 and has been audited by Quantstamp and CertiK (see core/audits).

Contest Scope

The goal of this contest is to audit a set of contracts that are built on top of the already deployed and live core protocol. The focus is on finding any logic errors or exploits that benefit an attacker at the expense of protocol users. Wardens should assume that governance variables are set sensibly (unless they can find a way to change the value of a governance variable without using social engineering).

The already live core protocol is out of scope for this contest. See Files in Scope for an exact list of files that are in scope.

Inception Vaults

Inception Vaults enable using any ERC20 as collateral by adding a lending & borrowing layer on top of the Mimo protocol vaults. This enables owners to generate yield with their minted PAR and users to leverage their ERC20 to borrow PAR.

See the documentation here.

Contracts can be found in the core/contracts/inception folder.

To only run the tests for Inception Vaults please run yarn hardhat test test/inceptionVault/*.test.ts in the core/ folder.

Liquidity Mining V2

The next version of reward contracts for the users of the protocol. In the first iteration of liquidity mining contracts, users earned MIMO tokens on their debt and staked LP and PAR tokens. Version 2 of these contracts brings users PAR rewards and an APY boost. Additionally, PARMinerV2 can use its funds to liquidate protocol vaults through the liquidation feature.

See further documentation here.

Contracts can be found in the core/contracts/liquidityMining/v2 folder.

To only run the tests for Liquidity Mining V2 please run yarn hardhat test test/liquidityMining/v2/*.test.ts in the core/ folder.

LP Token Oracles

The BalancerV2 and a G-UNI LP token oracle adds support for using LP tokens as stablecoin collateral. The LP token oracle will return the LP token’s USD price to be used in our PriceFeed contract.

The pricing of the LP token is based on Alpha Finance's fair LP token pricing.

Contracts can be found in the core/contracts/oracles folder.

To only run the tests for LP Token Oracles please run yarn hardhat test test/oracles/*.test.ts in the core/ folder.


A new, completely standalone feature built on top of our core protocol, Aave and Paraswap/1Inch.

SuperVaults expand the capabilities of the Mimo Protocol to integrate with DeFi aggregators and lending protocols to do things like:

  • Enter leveraged positions on collateral
  • Rebalance vaults to use different collaterals
  • Pay off debt from vaults without any additional required capital

Technical and User documentation is here, and general documentation is here.

Contracts can be found in the supervaults/contracts folder.

Files in Scope

File blank comment code
core/contracts/dex/DexAddressProvider.sol 8 13 34
core/contracts/dex/interfaces/IDexAddressProvider.sol 6 1 17
core/contracts/inception/AdminInceptionVault.sol 25 54 127
core/contracts/inception/InceptionVaultFactory.sol 28 6 151
core/contracts/inception/InceptionVaultsCore.sol 45 77 214
core/contracts/inception/InceptionVaultsDataProvider.sol 23 61 92
core/contracts/inception/interfaces/IAdminInceptionVault.sol 21 2 38
core/contracts/inception/interfaces/IInceptionVaultFactory.sol 19 2 47
core/contracts/inception/interfaces/IInceptionVaultPriceFeed.sol 11 1 20
core/contracts/inception/interfaces/IInceptionVaultsCore.sol 26 2 55
core/contracts/inception/interfaces/IInceptionVaultsDataProvider.sol 17 3 27
core/contracts/inception/priceFeed/ChainlinkInceptionPriceFeed.sol 18 13 71
core/contracts/libraries/ABDKMath64x64.sol 65 209 426
core/contracts/liquidityMining/v2/DemandMinerV2.sol 13 20 72
core/contracts/liquidityMining/v2/GenericMinerV2.sol 53 93 189
core/contracts/liquidityMining/v2/interfaces/IDemandMinerV2.sol 14 1 20
core/contracts/liquidityMining/v2/interfaces/IGenericMinerV2.sol 18 6 35
core/contracts/liquidityMining/v2/interfaces/ISupplyMinerV2.sol 5 2 8
core/contracts/liquidityMining/v2/interfaces/IVotingMinerV2.sol 2 1 5
core/contracts/liquidityMining/v2/PARMinerV2.sol 63 111 256
core/contracts/liquidityMining/v2/SupplyMinerV2.sol 8 12 32
core/contracts/liquidityMining/v2/VotingMinerV2.sol 13 15 44
core/contracts/oracles/BalancerV2LPOracle.sol 17 44 109
core/contracts/oracles/GUniLPOracle.sol 16 25 85
-------- -------- -------- --------
SUM: 534 774 2174

File blank comment code
supervaults/contracts/SuperVault.sol 43 91 239
supervaults/contracts/SuperVaultFactory.sol 9 1 19
-------- -------- -------- --------
SUM: 52 92 258