Contest ran 21 April 202227 April 2022

6 day contest

xTRIBE contest

A TRIBE tokenomic upgrade with multi-delegation, autocompounding rewards, and reward delegation

$75,000 USDC

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xTRIBE contest details

Contest Scope

This contest is open for one week. Representatives from Tribe will be available in the Code Arena Discord to answer any questions during the contest period.

The focus for the contest is to try and find:

  • any logic errors or ways to drain funds from the protocol in a way that is advantageous for an attacker at the expense of users with funds invested in the protocol.
  • Ways to corrupt state through improper state transitions that brick functionality.

Wardens should assume that governance variables are set sensibly (unless they can find a way to change the value of a governance variable, and not counting social engineering approaches for this).


The xTRIBE tokenomics upgrade combines a few features into one new governance token:

  • autocompounding single sided staking rewards
  • multi-delegation capabilities
  • reward delegation

Additionally, this contest will review "Flywheel v2" which handles the reward delegation component.

Pulling in changes:

  1. clone the repo
  2. download foundry (
  3. forge install

This will clone and pull in all the libs.

Libraries used:

  • solmate
  • OpenZeppelin EnumerableSet

Contracts in scope


source: lib/xTRIBE/src/xTRIBE.sol LoC: 150

Description: The xTRIBE token is essentially a combination of ERC20Gauges, ERC20MultiVotes, and xERC4626 with a Multicall. An important security consideration is that it combines the TRIBE voting balance with xTRIBE balance. It should not be possible to double count votes.

Flywheel v2

source: lib/flywheel-v2/src/FlywheelCore.sol LoC: 270

Description: FlywheelCore is an accounting layer for a rewards distribution of a single token to multiple reward strategies. See the Flywheel V2 README for more details.

source: lib/flywheel-v2/src/rewards/FlywheelGaugeRewards.sol LoC: 250

Description: FlywheelGaugeRewards is a "rewards module" for flywheel core which reads in rewards balances from the ERC20Gauges contract. The rewards are batched into cycles, which can be queued all at once or paginated to support a large number of reward tokens.

This contract is the most complex piece of the system, as it integrates FlywheelCore and ERC20Gauges with state being held in all 3 locations.

If a gauge is deprecated, it should return 0 for all future cycles until re-added. If it is currently a part of a cycle, those rewards should distribute normally.

source: lib/flywheel-v2/src/token/ERC20Gauges.sol LoC: 600

Description: ERC20Gauges allows liquid voting on a set of gauges. The weights are allocated pro-rata and can be used for any kind of resource allocation. The main use case is reward direction, such as in FlywheelGaugeRewards and similar to Curve finance or Tokemak.

source: lib/flywheel-v2/src/token/ERC20MultiVotes.sol LoC: 400

Description: Similar to OpenZeppelin ERC20Votes, but uses a multi-delegation algorithm where users can partially delegate to multiple addresses.


source: lib/ERC4626/src/xERC4626.sol LoC: 100

Description: an "xToken" which autocompounds single sided rewards. Should be completely price manipulation resistant due to internal balances being used.