Contest ran 23 May 202230 May 2022

7 day contest

Velodrome Finance contest

A base layer AMM on Optimism, inspired by Solidly.

$75,000 USDC

Total Awards

Velodrome contest details

Contest Scope

Native Token

  • Velo.sol (62 lines)
  • VotingEscrow.sol (868 lines, lib: Base64)


  • Pair.sol (416 lines, lib: Math)
  • PairFees.sol (23 lines)
  • factories/PairFactory.sol (82 lines)
  • Router.sol (370 lines, lib: Math)
  • VelodromeLibrary.sol (89 lines)


  • RewardsDistributor.sol (260 lines, lib: Math)
  • Minter.sol (111 lines; lib: Math)


  • Gauge.sol (545 lines, lib: Math)
  • factories/GaugeFactory.sol (26 lines)
  • Bribe.sol (85 lines)
  • factories/BribeFactory.sol (9 lines)
  • Voter.sol (304 lines, lib: Math)


  • VeloGovernor.sol (50 lines, lib: L2Governor governance)

Redemption (WeVE -> VELO)

  • redeem/RedemptionSender.sol (44 lines, lib: LayerZero)
  • redeem/RedemptionReceiver.sol (99 lines, lib: LayerZero)

New Formula

The only new formula we introduce is for the emissions schedule:

$\frac{1}{2} * weekly * (\frac{veTotal}{veloTotal})^3$


$veTotal$ is the total locked supply of VELO and

$veloTotal$ is the total supply of VELO

ERC-20 Standard

VELO is the native token of Velodrome and does conform to the ERC-20 standard

Our Unique Approach


  • Staggered epoch for Gauges/Bribes to ensure rewards go to the right people
  • Added Compound-style weighted NFT governance for killing "bad" gauges. This governance uses block.timestamp instead of block.number because it's on an L2
  • Removed veNFT "boost" for LP staking
  • Gauges can be added for any address for emergency DAO
  • Removed negative voting


  • Updated emissions schedule
  • Added core team emissions


  • Variable fees for stable/volatile pairs


  • Added two "redemption" contracts for WeVE (veDAO token) -> VELO+USDC which uses LayerZero

Areas of Concern

As we're not changing any of the core swap logic, the bulk of our security concerns relate to the native token emissions, governance, and distribution:

  • Gauge.sol and Bribe.sol, which introduce new logic related to how external bribes and voting work
  • VotingEscrow.sol, which adds compatibility with OZ/Comp-style governance tools like Tally
  • RedemptionSender.sol and RedemptionReceiver.sol which both use LayerZero for cross-chain messaging