Contest ran 21 June 202224 June 2022

3 day contest

Nibbl contest

NFT fractionalization protocol with guaranteed liquidity and price based buyout.

$30,000 USDC

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Nibbl contest details

Nibbl is a fractionalization protocol that creates ERC20 tokens representing fractional ownership of an ERC721.

Nibbl uses a Bonding curve to facilitate trading of the ERC20 tokens.

The protocol also implements a valuation-based buyout mechanism so that the ERC721 isn’t locked in a contract/vault forever. A user can initiate a buyout and they need to pay an upfront cost for that. The cost is decided based on the current valuation of tokens. If the valuation goes above a certain level within a predefined duration the buyout is rejected. Therefore, the community can buy more tokens in order to reject a buyout. If the buyout isn’t rejected it is automatically considered successful and the user who initiated the buyout can withdraw the asset.

Important Links

Code Repository:


Code and Architecture Walkthrough:

Product Beta:

To run tests

To run tests, run following commands:

$ npm install
$ npx hardhat test

Contracts in Scope

File LoC External Calls Description
NibblVaultFactory.sol 70 0 Vault Factory that deploys vault and handles governance and access control.
NibblVault.sol 290 0 Vault which holds NFT and has logic for trading and buyout
Basket.sol 80 0 Basket that can be used to fractionalize multiple NFTs.
Twav.sol 25 0 Implements time-weighted valuation to be consumed in NibblVault for buyouts
ProxyVault.sol 17 0 Proxy contract that gets deployed with implementation as NibblVault
ProxyBasket.sol 17 0 Proxy contract that gets deployed with implementation as Basket
AccessControlMechanism.sol 19 0 Inherited in NibblVaultFactory for access control on certain actions
EIP712Base.sol 21 0 To implement permit functionality with EIP712 signing.

Out of scope

  1. Admin can pause and change certain parameters of the contract.
  2. BancorFormula.sol: Implementation of Bancor Formula.

Areas of concern

  1. Trade Accounting
  • The secondary and primary reserve balances (including fictitious primary reserve balance) should update correctly in all 3 trade scenarios - trade in primary curve, trade in secondary curve, trade in both primary and secondary curve.
  • Admin fee, curator fee and curve fee should update correctly.
  1. Upgradablity, pausability and access control

  2. TWAV

  • Values get updated and computed correctly
  1. Buyout
  • Game theoretical issues in the buyout game
  • Accounting issues while initiating buyout and token redemption
  • Possible manipulation scenarios with TWAV array
  • Potential issue with minimum buyout time as that is recently added feature
  • Only successful bidder should be able to withdraw NFT

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